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We are Reimagining the Way Facilitate Connections among Our Members of the ACSS Community.

As the current pandemic continues to unfold, we understand that it is not possible to attend meet your fellow members and other sanctions practitioners in person.

At the same time, we also understand that networking for our members is more vital than ever and for that, you can still rely on ACSS to bring the members and other industry players together but in a different way. We are transforming quickly to ensure you can now connect virtually, continue to benchmark with peers, learn new things and exchange experiences.

Even in a virtual environment, ACSS is here for the members. We serve the needs of people like yourselves, to the thousands of persons who, in private and public walks of life, devote their careers to implementing sanctions and building sanctions compliance programs.

The sanctions effort covers many corners of the globe, every business that does business internationally, everyone that handles money, and every government official who administers or enforces sanctions. Cooperation is one of the keys to success in the battle.

ACSS continues to provide the common ground for people who share that goal. We may not be able to gather in person, but nothing stops connection and innovation. Our interactive virtual platform allows for just that.